BB King with Guitar

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BB King with GuitarBB King (real name Riley B. King) is largely considered to be ones of the most successful and influential Blues singers of all times. Born in 1925 to humble beginnings, King began his singing career in church choirs before branching out into the more commercial radio recording circuit. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 and maintained an active career until his death in 2015.

With 44 studio albums released, the music of BB King has maintained it’s popularity and is still very much in demand. A quick scroll through Amazon will reveal hundreds of reviews for many of his works, the majority of which award 4 or 5 stars.

BB King with Guitar

Due to the wide range of years over which BB King produced his music, the medium in which you can purchase the music is vast. Most commonly, much of his work has been provided now in the form of CDs or records, though CD-Roms, DVDs and downloads are also available.

Whilst it has the potential to be a minefield trying to source the piece of BB King music that you require, many global retailers such as Amazon make the process relatively pain free with their easy search functions, enabling you to find exactly what you are looking for. All of his albums are easy to locate on the website, from the first 1956 Singin’ the Blues album to his 2008 offering, One Kind Favour. Though easy to locate, the music is not always readily available to purchase and there may be a period of waiting involved prior to receiving the album. There is, however, an option to buy and take delivery when available, therefore ensuring you have reserved the album for the next time it is in stock. The time this will take is variable and varies from product to product. Prices will also vary depending on the album you desire and the format you would like to receive it in.

As would be expected, the further back through BB Kings collection you go, the more expensive the music becomes. This especially stands true if you would like to purchase his music on vinyl. A little bit more expense for a more authentic listening experience perhaps? Prices however, do not tend to get silly on the more mainstream sites. Branching out to other auction sites or independent retailers however and you may find yourself needing to put forwards hundreds of pounds for some of the rarer vinyl. Recently, some of the smaller and more independent retailers of music have been using Amazon as a platform to sell their goods. For the retailer, this has opened them up to a much wider audience, though the biggest value is most certainly to the consumer who benefits from the specialist rangers offered by independents but at more ‘high street’ prices.

In summary, whilst there may be a bit of time spent searching for your BB King CD or vinyl, possibly followed by a little wait to receive the item, this whole process should not be too lengthy or difficult and, ultimately, you will get to listen to and enjoy some of the finest Blues music ever recorded.

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