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Riley B. King famously known as B.B King was a talented American singer and exceptional song witter not forgetting his signature electric guitarist. He was born on a cotton plantation in Mississipi. The church guitar is what attracted him to music. He was also a reputable record producer. B.B King was known for his sophisticated style of playing the guitar and singing blues. In 1987 he was initiated into the rock and roll hall of fame. B.B King is still considered to be one of the most important blues artists ever to exist. All these things earned Riley B. King the name King of the Blues.

King was also known from the “Three kings of the blues guitar” He was among the three. The other two were the legendary Freddie King and Albert King. It was very clear from his energetic performances that King was a very hardworking artist and had a genuine passion for music. He appeared in more than 200 concerts each year until he was 70 years old. He loved performing and even performed 342 shows in 1956 alone.

B.B King started recording songs under a contract with the LA RPM Record in 1949. Sun records were created after the sam Philis produced King’s first recordings. He had a song called “Miss Martha King” which didn’t do so well, but King recalled this day with so much inspiration. King then went ahead and assembled a band in which Millard Lee was the leader. The group consisted of Floyd Newman, George Coleman, George Joyner, Earl Forest, Lawrence Burdin, Clavin Owens, Ted Curry, Kenneth Sands. All these people complemented King’s style as well.

In 1952 he got his first billboard rhythm and “3 O’Clock Blues” which was the blue chart number one. King became very well known mostly because of the following hits;
” woke up this morning.” ” When my heart beats like a hammer”, You know I love you”, Whole lotta love”, On my word of honor”, “Sweet Little Angel”, “ten long years”, “You upset me baby”,” Sneaking around” “Please accept my love”, and “Every Day I Have the Blues”. These hit songs made King a lot of money as compared to what he eared before. His weekly earnings increased from $85 to $2,500.

In 1956 he had a lot of concerts and bookings, and in the same year, he created his record label called the Blues Boys Kingdom. Their headquarters are on Beale Street in Memphis. He made hits with artists such as Levi Seabury and Millard Lee. King was later in 1962 signed to ABC paramount records which ended up being Geffen records. Kings work that seemed to impress him the most was the live recording he did at the Regal Album. He said that it was the best recording he ever had.

King became more popular and even was the opening act at the Rolling stone 1969 American tour. He also won the most coveted music awards the Grammies. Hw won a Grammy for the song “The thrill is gone” as it became a massive hit topping all music charts in both R&B and pop. The song was a huge success and achieved the number 183 number on the 500 most significant song list created by Rolling stone Magazine. Even in the 2000’s King was still receiving awards from the international Polar Music Hall of fame held in 2004 to the Official rhythm and blues music hall of fame in 2014.

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